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Retail Products

The below products are a list of products from Prior Brothers available for retail:

Apples Cookers Corn on the Cob Carrots Sliced
Apples Granny Beetroot Carrots Diced
Apples Golden Beetroot PP Carrots Baton
Apples Red Broccoli Carrots Washed and Peeled

Red Apples PP

Brussel Sprouts Cabbage Green
Green Apples PP Cabbage Spring Cabbage White
Punnet Apples Cabbage Celtic Cauliflower
Avacodos Cabbage Savoy Soup Veg
Aubergines Cabbage Red Stir Fry
Bananas Cabbage Dutch Parsnips Washed, Peeled, Sliced
Berries Blackberries Cauliflower Turnips Washed, Peeled, Diced
Berries Blueberries Carrots Broccoli
Berries Strawberries Carrots PP 1kg Carrots and Parsnips Baton
Berries Raspberries Carrots PP 1lb Carrots and Parsnips Sliced, Diced
Cherries Celery Trio Vegetables
Clementines Cucumber Duo Vegetables
Clementines PP Courgettes  
Dates ‘Eat Me’ Courgettes Yellow  
Dates ‘Slab’ Garlic  
Figs Leeks  
Grapefruit Leeks PP  
Grapefruit Red Lettuce  
Grapes Green Lettuce Iceberg  
Kiwi Lettuce Mixed PP  
Lemons Mushrooms  
Limes Mushrooms Button  
Mangos Mushrooms Flat  
Melons Honey Dew Onions  
Melons Galia Onions PP 1lb  
Melons Cantelope Onions PP 1kg  
Nectarines Onions Sp  
Nectarines PP Onions Red  
Oranges Shallots  
Oranges PP Parsnips  
Passion Fruit Parsnips PP  
Peaches Peppers Mix PP  
Peaches PP Peppers Mix (Loose)  
Pears Peppers Red  
Pears PP Peppers Green  
Plums Peppers Yellow  
Plums PP Peppers Orange  
Pineapples Potatoes Bakers  
Tomatoes Potatoes Baby  
Tomatoes Beef Potatoes Pipers UK  
Tomatoes Cherry (Y) Potatoes Peelers IR  
Tomatoes Plum Potatoes Sweet  
Tomatoes Vine Potatoes Roosters  
  Potatoes PP Pinks  
  Potatoes PP Roosters  
  Potatoes PP Dells  
  Potatoes PP Queens  
  Potatoes Queens 10kg, 20kg  
  Potatoes Pinks 10kg, 20kg  
  Spinach PP  


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